‘Art in the Dark’ workshop with artist Katrin Terton. Oct 25. Burnie Reg Art Gallery

This 3-hour workshop is an exclusive pre-launch event, providing an encounter with the works of the multi-sensory exhibition Beyond Sight together with the artist in an intimate setting, affording a unique art experience that is not primarily based on sight.
Participants will also experience creative processes such as blind contour drawing and sculpting without sight that highlight the use of other senses than vision to inspire self-exploration and develop a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted aspects of individual perception.

Places are strictly limited. $40 PP. Payment and bookings can be made in person at the gallery or by phone 64 30 5875.

9.30 am - 12.30 pm. Fri Oct 25, Burnie Regional Art Gallery

Source: https://www.katrinterton.com/beyondsight/