Bank of Useful Ideas - an initiative of the Bank of Us for Burnie

On the 20-21st of September, the Bank of Us held a workshop in Burnie to launch the pilot of their initiative ‘The Bank of Useful Ideas’.

The bank are re-framing how they offer and manage community support. Through the workshop the participants identified five different areas of need/opportunity in Burnie. These will be accessible on the Bank of Ideas website in the coming weeks. The bank will then ask for submissions of ideas from the community which fit within one or more of these areas.

If selected, support will be offered through finance, low-interest lending, mentoring support or matched/co-funding arrangements.

Burnie Arts Council had three representatives present - so the arts had a good look in! We came away impressed by the approach and intention of the Bank of Us to contribute to the Burnie community in a meaningful and enriching way.

What should we put forward as a ‘useful idea’?