Ikebana Workshop with Susie Solomon - Nov 17

An enthusiastic group of participants recently joined Ikebana master Susie Solomon to learn the secrets of the ancient form of Japanese flower arranging. Susie, from Sydney, delighted in the variety and beauty of the materials she was able to source from the local environment. Her excitement imbued the students with confidence. Over the three hour workshop some wonderful and impressive arrangements were created.

Group Ikebana.jpg

Burnie Arts Council Inc hosted Susie Solomon for this exclusive workshop. Susie is a Japanese Master of the Sogetsu School, a modern form of Ikebana. Sogetsu encourages students to be individual and imaginative. It promotes the philosophy that Ikebana is not diffcult, gives life to our environment and can be practised anywhere, with almost anything. Burnie Arts Council Inc thanks the Burnie Regional Art Gallery for providing the venue for this event.

Ikebana Students at Work.jpg